The Best International Airlines To Fly To Europe

Hey there, fellow wanderlusters and travel aficionados, get ready to embark on a ride through the skies that’s as thrilling as finding an extra chocolate chip in your cookie. We’re diving into the playful and informative world of the “The Best International Airlines to Fly to Europe.” 

Imagine this journey as your ticket to experiencing the ultimate blend of jet-setting excitement and comedic storytelling. Think about it: you, chilling in your airplane seat with that special kind of excitement that only comes from knowing you’re bound for Europe’s cobblestone streets and iconic landmarks. 

We’re here to uncover the best major airlines that don’t just get you from A to B; they transform your flight into a mini adventure of its own. Think cozy blankets that feel like a warm hug from your grandma and inflight movies that’ll make you forget you’re even on a plane.

From the moment you step onboard, you’ll be treated to a spectacle of comfort, convenience, and maybe even a few surprises that’ll make you raise an eyebrow (in a good way, of course). So kick back, relax, and join us on this easygoing exploration of the “18 Best International Airlines to Fly to Europe.” Your journey to laughter and travel inspiration starts right here, and trust us, you won’t need a passport to hop on this ride


In this compilation, we’re about to dive into a lineup of the most top-notch airlines that make jetting off to Europe a breeze. Prepare for a comprehensive overview of each carrier’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to handpick the perfect flight that aligns seamlessly with your travel requirements.

1. Lufthansa (Top Spot: The best international airline to fly to europe)

Lufthansa, a true pioneer in the world of aviation, stands as a shining star among airlines, earning its reputation for excellence with every flight. What sets Lufthansa apart is not just its iconic yellow crane logo but its unwavering commitment to delivering an exceptional travel experience. 

From the moment you step onboard, you’re enveloped in an atmosphere of sophistication and comfort. The airline’s state-of-the-art fleet boasts modern amenities that cater to the needs of both leisure and business travelers. With a vast network spanning across Europe and beyond, Lufthansa offers seamless connectivity to some of the most sought-after destinations. The attentive cabin crew provides a warm and friendly service, making you feel right at home even at 30,000 feet above ground. 

From delectable in-flight cuisine to an array of entertainment options, Lufthansa ensures that every journey is a delightful one. So whether you’re an avid explorer or a seasoned jet-setter, Lufthansa’s dedication to quality, reliability, and innovation makes it an airline that consistently lives up to its stellar reputation.

2. British Airways

British Airways, a name synonymous with excellence in aviation, reigns as a top-notch airline that leaves an indelible mark on the travel industry. With a legacy spanning decades, British Airways has perfected the art of delivering an impeccable flying experience. 

From its iconic Union Jack tailfin to its elegant cabin interiors, every detail exudes a sense of class and sophistication. British Airways’ extensive global network connects travelers to the farthest corners of the world, offering a seamless blend of convenience and luxury. 

The airline’s commitment to innovation is reflected in its modern fleet equipped with cutting-edge amenities that cater to the diverse needs of passengers. The courteous and efficient crew ensures that each flight is not just a journey, but an unforgettable experience. 

From the moment you step onboard, you’re welcomed into a world of comfort, where delectable cuisine, top-tier entertainment, and a myriad of services redefine the art of flying. British Airways’ unwavering dedication to excellence has earned it a coveted spot as a preferred choice for travelers seeking unparalleled quality and sophistication in their journeys.

3. Emirates (One of my favourite airlines to travel to europe)

One of europe’s most popular airlines Emirates Airlines stands as a beacon of excellence in the aviation industry, celebrated for its unrivaled commitment to providing an extraordinary travel experience. With a fleet of state-of-the-art aircraft, including the iconic Airbus A380, Emirates ensures that passengers are treated to the pinnacle of comfort and luxury. 

The airline’s award-winning in-flight entertainment system offers a vast array of options to keep travelers engaged throughout their journey. From gourmet cuisine inspired by diverse cultures to spacious (extra legroom) and well-appointed cabins, every detail is meticulously designed to create an ambiance of opulence. Emirates’ extensive global network allows travelers to explore an array of destinations with seamless connections. 

What truly sets Emirates apart is its dedicated crew, known for their warm hospitality and attention to detail, creating an environment where passengers feel like cherished guests. From the moment you step onboard, you’re greeted by an experience that transcends mere transportation, making Emirates a premier choice for those who seek the epitome of luxury and refinement in air travel.

big white and red plane in the sky with emirates written on the side Best International Airlines To Fly To Europe

4. Swiss International Air Lines

Swiss International Airlines has earned its reputation as a standout airline through its unwavering commitment to excellence and attention to detail. Renowned for its precision and reliability, Swiss offers a travel experience that effortlessly blends efficiency with comfort. The airline’s Swiss hospitality shines through in its impeccable service, ensuring passengers feel welcomed and well taken care of from the moment they step onboard. 

Swiss’ well-appointed cabins provide a haven of relaxation, complemented by a delectable range of culinary offerings that showcase the finest flavors of Switzerland and beyond. The airline’s focus on sustainable practices and environmental responsibility also underscores its dedication to a brighter future. With a global network that spans continents, 

Swiss International Airlines seamlessly connects travelers to diverse destinations while upholding the highest standards of quality and service. Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, Swiss is a reliable and sophisticated choice that embodies the essence of Swiss precision and hospitality.

big white and red plane in the sky with swiss written on the side Best International Airlines To Fly To Europe

5. Qantas (Best budget friendly airlines to fly to europe)

 Most of the flights operated by this Australian airline originate from the Pacific, Australia, and various parts of Southeast Asia.

Qantas stands as the sole airline presently offering a direct route from Sydney to London, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a 20-hour nonstop long-haul journey over multiple layovers.

Recognized for its relatively budget-friendly fares, Qantas presents itself as an attractive option for travelers in pursuit of the most economical ticket prices.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that budget-friendly fares sometimes come with trade-offs, such as limited legroom on certain older aircraft models within their fleet.

Baggage allowances are contingent on the fare class you select, and there’s also the possibility of enhancing your baggage allowance by upgrading your ticket.

As you plan your travel, it’s advisable to delve into the details, paying attention to both carry-on and checked baggage weight limits to avoid any unanticipated charges at the airport.

big white and red plane in the sky with qantas written on the side Best International Airlines To Fly To Europe

6. Air France (Best Food on an international airline while travelling to europe)

France’s primary airline operates an extensive network of international and domestic flights throughout Europe.

If you’re eyeing a journey encompassing multiple European destinations, Air France shines as a favorable airline choice, courtesy of its comprehensive route connections and the added benefits of bundled flight discounts.

A standout feature of Air France lies in its culinary offerings. While airplane meals often don’t command a stellar reputation, Air France bucks the trend with its surprisingly diverse menu options, delighting travelers with an array of choices. This refreshing variety extends to both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage selections.

Baggage allowances are tailored to your cabin class and ticket type. The most budget-friendly economy fares allow for a personal item and a single carry-on bag, while the heights of luxury in the La Première cabin grant the privilege of up to 3 checked bags.

As long as you carefully navigate ticket choices and heed baggage guidelines, Air France proves to be a reliable player that avoids surprising travelers with hidden fees along the way.

Big white plane with airfrance written on the side at an airport Best International Airlines To Fly To Europe

7. Norwegian Air (one of my favourite international airlines to fly to europe)

Norwegian Air emerges as a prominent luminary within Europe’s aviation landscape, presenting travelers with an enticing blend of cost-effectiveness, convenience, and comfort. Renowned for its contemporary fleet of fuel-efficient aircraft and cutting-edge technology, this pioneering carrier facilitates seamless booking, hassle-free check-ins, and engaging inflight entertainment.

A staggering array of more than 500 routes spanning over 150 locations in Europe, North and South America, Africa, and Asia characterizes the airline’s vast reach. Impressively, European travelers alone have access to a network encompassing 85 destinations.

The nucleus of Norwegian Air’s operations rests at Oslo Airport in Norway, with secondary hubs strategically positioned in Copenhagen, Stockholm, and London. Oslo Airport serves as the airline’s focal point, providing seamless connectivity to a multitude of European locations.

When it comes to onboard amenities, Norwegian Air elevates the passenger experience with a range of thoughtful features. These encompass comfortable seats boasting adjustable headrests, complimentary Wi-Fi on the majority of flights, and an extensive array of movies, TV shows, and music accessible for streaming on personal devices. The airline’s distinctive “Dreamliner” experience unfolds on its long-haul flights, introducing passengers to larger windows, quieter engines, and enhanced air quality, promising a more delightful and restful journey.

The allure of Norwegian Air extends beyond its wide-ranging route map, budget-friendly fares, and premium amenities. It’s no surprise that this carrier has emerged as a favored choice among European travelers. So why not embark on your next adventure with Norwegian Air, and uncover the epitome of European travel excellence?

8. KLM

KLM, also recognized as Royal Dutch Airlines, boasts a rich legacy as one of Europe’s most venerable and esteemed carriers. Beyond being the flagship airline of the Netherlands, KLM holds the distinction of being a founding member of the SkyTeam alliance, an elite network encompassing industry giants like Delta and Air France.

A distinctive facet of KLM’s identity lies in its unwavering commitment to sustainability. The airline has undertaken an ambitious mission to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, marking a significant stride towards minimizing environmental impact. To realize this objective, KLM is channeling investments into cutting-edge, fuel-efficient aircraft and embarking on a journey to curtail waste onboard.

KLM casts an extensive network across Europe, linking a myriad of destinations that include Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, and Moscow. Venturing beyond the continent’s boundaries, the airline extends its reach to pivotal locations in Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

While KLM’s pricing might lean towards the higher end in comparison to some budget-oriented competitors, the added cost translates to an elevated caliber of service, comfort, and amenities. 

So, if you’re seeking an airline that embodies a fusion of heritage and innovation, while promising a touch of Dutch charm, KLM stands as a remarkable choice, all while being rooted in the captivating tapestry of Amsterdam’s allure.

Big blue plane with KLM written on the side at an airport Best International Airlines To Fly To Europe

9. Air Canada (best Canadian International Airlines to Fly to Europe)

Especially tailored for Canadian and North American voyagers seeking European adventures, Air Canada emerges as a prime choice.

Ranked Among the Best Airlines for European Journeys, Air Canada Standing as the largest airline in Canada, Air Canada unfurls a tapestry of direct flight options that seamlessly connect a multitude of European cities to numerous departure points across Canada and North America. The airline also extends its network to include connecting flights to various global destinations.

When it comes to international flights, even the economy class offers a rather comfortable seating experience, equipped with touch-screen entertainment, USB ports, and notably ample legroom. Should you opt for their business class, a realm of added perks awaits you. And, if your flight sets off from their central hub in Toronto, the airport lounge designated for business class patrons has garnered commendable accolades.

Air Canada’s luggage policy adheres to a relatively straightforward structure, with calculations anchored to your chosen fare category. However, it’s prudent to be mindful of the potential for escalating charges associated with oversized baggage, thereby ensuring that you align with the stipulated weight thresholds.

While long-haul flights include complimentary meals and beverages, it’s worth noting that the culinary offerings may fall a tad short in comparison to some of its counterparts. Nevertheless, Air Canada has garnered a commendable reputation for its customer service, both within the terminal and throughout the course of the flight.

Big white plane with air canada written on the side at an airport Best International Airlines To Fly To Europe

10. Turkish Airways (Best Value International airlines to fly to europe)

For an exceptional European journey by air, Turkish Airlines stands out as an excellent choice. Not only does it boast an impressive reputation for safety and dependability, but it also promises a truly distinctive flight experience.

Distinguishing Turkish Airlines is its modern fleet, composed of cutting-edge aircraft furnished with state-of-the-art amenities. Among these offerings are lie-flat seats in business class and in-flight entertainment systems showcasing an extensive array of movies, TV shows, and music.

One of the airline’s standout features is its extensive route network. With more than 300 destinations spanning across over 125 countries, including a diverse array of European locales, Turkish Airlines ensures that whether your desire is to explore a bustling capital or venture into off-the-beaten-path destinations, it can transport you there.

When considering costs, Turkish Airlines has earned its reputation as a value-for-money option(cheaper prices). Its pricing often competes favorably with other European carriers, and appealing deals are frequently available, especially when booked in advance. To sweeten the deal, the airline offers the luxury of two complimentary checked bags – a definite win-win situation!

All in all, Turkish Airlines emerges as a stellar choice for those aiming to traverse Europe’s skies. With its blend of comfort, opulence, and cost-effectiveness, it’s little wonder that the airline is revered as one of Europe’s finest.

Big white plane with Turkish Airways written on the side at an airport Best International Airlines To Fly To Europe

11. Qatar

Qatar Airways distinguishes itself through its exceptional customer service and top-tier amenities, a reputation that extends even to its economy class.

For those seeking superior travel experiences, Qatar Airways emerges as a standout choice. While its ticket prices may run a bit higher than those of competing airlines, travelers widely attest that the added comfort of increased legroom, broader seats, and onboard features more than justifies the investment.

Apart from the plush seating, Qatar Airways excels in catering to passenger needs with its diverse range of food and entertainment offerings. Should your appetite strike between the complimentary meals, flight attendants are more than willing to provide unlimited snacks and beverages upon request.

Frequent flyers seeking connectivity will delight in Qatar’s provision of inflight WiFi. Additionally, each seat is equipped with its own USB outlet, ensuring your devices stay charged and ready throughout the journey.

However, it’s worth noting that Qatar Airways’ main drawback lies in its pricing. While the airline delivers elevated quality, its economy fares often come at a premium compared to other options, with business class usually beyond the reach of budget-conscious travelers.

In terms of European travel convenience, Qatar Airways has solidified its status as a premier choice, boasting service to over 50 European cities. This extensive network extends beyond the continent, encompassing direct flights to major destinations across the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and select routes to the United States.

 12. Delta Air Lines (Best Green International Airline to fly to europe)

Delta Airlines stands as a shining beacon of excellence in the aviation industry, consistently delivering an unparalleled travel experience that’s synonymous with reliability, comfort, and innovation.

Renowned for its exceptional customer service, Delta Airlines has cultivated a reputation for going the extra mile to ensure passenger satisfaction. Whether you’re soaring through the skies in economy or luxuriating in business class, the airline’s commitment to making your journey smooth and pleasant shines through.

Onboard, Delta takes pride in its commitment to passenger well-being. The seats, designed for maximum comfort, provide ample legroom, allowing you to stretch out during your flight. The in-flight entertainment system caters to all tastes, with an array of movies, TV shows, and music available for your enjoyment. Moreover, the airline has taken strides to enhance connectivity, offering WiFi on a substantial number of its flights, so you can stay connected even at cruising altitudes.

Delta’s approach to sustainability and environmental responsibility is equally commendable. The airline has invested in fuel-efficient aircraft and implemented various eco-friendly initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint, contributing to a greener aviation industry.

In sum, Delta Airlines has established itself as an embodiment of quality and reliability in the realm of air travel. Its commitment to customer satisfaction, robust route network, in-flight comfort, and forward-thinking approach make it a clear choice for travelers seeking a remarkable journey to Europe and beyond.

13. United Airlines

United Airlines shines as a premier choice in air travel, delivering an exceptional blend of convenience, service, and connectivity that sets it apart as a leading player in the industry.

United Airlines’ extensive network spans the globe, providing a gateway to Europe and beyond. With a wide array of routes and destinations, travelers have the flexibility to reach their desired European cities with ease and efficiency.

One of United’s standout features is its commitment to customer comfort. The airline’s cabins are designed with passenger well-being in mind, offering spacious seating arrangements and modern amenities. From the latest in-flight entertainment options to reliable WiFi connectivity, United ensures that your journey is not only seamless but also entertaining.

The airline’s dedication to customer service is palpable from the moment you step on board. The attentive and professional crew members work tirelessly to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience for passengers. United’s loyalty program, MileagePlus, rewards frequent flyers with a range of benefits, including priority boarding, lounge access, and the ability to earn and redeem miles across a vast network of partner airlines.

In conclusion, United Airlines’ dedication to customer comfort, extensive network, commitment to connectivity, and forward-thinking approach position it as an excellent choice for those seeking a top-notch travel experience to Europe and beyond. With United, your journey is more than a flight; it’s a testament to the airline’s commitment to delivering excellence at every altitude.

Big white plane with United airways written on the side at an airport Best International Airlines To Fly To Europe

14. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines stands out as an epitome of excellence in the aviation industry, offering a truly remarkable flying experience that embodies luxury, innovation, and unmatched service.

Renowned for its impeccable attention to detail, Singapore Airlines provides a level of comfort that is second to none. From elegantly designed cabins to spacious seating arrangements, passengers are treated to an atmosphere of refinement and relaxation from the moment they step on board.

One of the airline’s standout features is its commitment to gastronomic delight. Singapore Airlines is celebrated for its exceptional in-flight dining experience, offering a diverse range of gourmet cuisine crafted by world-renowned chefs. With a menu that caters to various dietary preferences, passengers can indulge in a culinary journey that complements their individual tastes.

Innovation takes center stage with Singapore Airlines, as the airline consistently pushes boundaries to enhance passenger convenience and entertainment. State-of-the-art entertainment systems provide an array of movies, TV shows, and music, ensuring that every traveler’s entertainment preferences are met. The airline’s attention to technological advancement extends to its connectivity, offering WiFi on selected flights to ensure passengers stay connected even at cruising altitudes.

With an extensive network that spans the globe, Singapore Airlines connects travelers to Europe and beyond with ease. Its commitment to punctuality and efficiency ensures that passengers reach their destinations on time, making it an excellent choice for both leisure and business travelers.

Moreover, Singapore Airlines’ dedication to sustainability is notable, as the airline continues to explore eco-friendly initiatives and practices to minimize its environmental impact.

In summary, Singapore Airlines’ emphasis on luxury, culinary excellence, technological innovation, exceptional service, and global connectivity make it a standout choice for travelers seeking an unparalleled flying experience to Europe and beyond. Flying with Singapore Airlines is more than a journey; it’s a testament to the airline’s commitment to elevating the art of travel.

15. Virgin Atlantic

Yet another British airline, Virgin Atlantic presents itself as a favorable choice for those considering flights to Europe, even though it boasts a smaller network of destinations compared to British Airways.

Virgin Atlantic distinguishes itself by providing commendable in-flight service, particularly in the realm of meals. A unique touch is seen in their employment of actual plates for most of their long-haul flights, in contrast to the standard plastic cutlery employed by most other carriers.

For those with budget-conscious inclinations, Virgin Atlantic has tailored a range of economy options: Economy Light, Economy Classic, and Economy Delight. While the more economical choices might entail concessions such as limited or no checked baggage and seating selection, they facilitate adherence to budgetary constraints.

In terms of upgrade flexibility, Virgin Atlantic stands out by offering a diverse array of possibilities. Regardless of seat class, passengers have the liberty to individually enhance baggage allowances, meals, or seating arrangements, allowing them to tailor their upgrade preferences according to their trip’s essential components.

16. Wizz Air

Hungary’s predominant airline may not command the same recognition as some of its counterparts on this extensive roster, yet it holds its own significance when considering European travel options.

For travelers who embrace a minimalist approach and possess a knack for navigating hidden charges, Wizz Air stands out as one of the premier budget airlines.

However, it’s important to be cautious of potential extra costs, which can arise from services such as baggage handling, seat selection, and priority boarding.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that if you intend to journey with substantial luggage and are unwilling to compromise on comfort, Wizz Air might not align with your preferences.

Across the expanse of Europe, Wizz Air effectively services an array of key cities alongside some less frequented destinations.

While Wizz Air’s routes currently do not encompass direct flights to the United States, the airline does encompass a range of other global locales, spanning Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East.

True to the budget airline model, certain amenities such as dining choices, legroom, and in-flight entertainment might not reach top-tier standards. Nevertheless, if the aim is to curtail expenses while embarking on a European voyage, the compromises could potentially be outweighed by the savings achieved.

Conclusion to The Best International Airlines To Fly To Europe

In conclusion, when it comes to embarking on an unforgettable journey to Europe, your choice of international airline plays a pivotal role in shaping your travel experience. Whether you prioritize comfort, service, or convenience, there are airlines that cater to every traveler’s needs.

By selecting one of the best international airlines for your European adventure, you can look forward to a smooth and enjoyable trip, making your exploration of this diverse and enchanting continent all the more memorable. So, get ready to embark on your European dream and trust in these top airlines to take you there with style and grace. Bon voyage!

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